• To increase public awareness of birth as a natural event rather than a medical problem and to present home birth as a viable option.
  • To work towards the re-integration of domiciliary births into the general maternity services.
  • To provide practical support and assistance to parents who choose home birth.
  • To advise parents as to their legal rights to have a home birth. 
  • To monitor HSE practices in discharging their obligations under the Health Acts with regard to home birth.
  • To support parents, as far as is practicable, in their legitimate demands for services from the Health authorities.
  • To promote and work towards the provision of:
  • (i) comprehensive midwifery and medical services for domiciliary births throughout the country
    (ii) training for domiciliary midwives
  • To liaise with organisations, such as the Association for Improvements in Maternity Services, the Irish Childbirth Trust, La Leche League etc., active in the area of childbirth whose aims and activities run parallel to those of the Association.
  • To compile information on home births, particularly as they occur among members, whilst paying due regard to the confidentiality of the members’ enquiries.
  • To encourage and where appropriate, to participate in research in this area.
  • To promote a wider understanding of home births through the provision of the Association’s newsletter , the organisation of group meetings and through contact with the media.
  • To initiate and/or maintain regular contact on behalf of the members with the health authorities and other statutory bodies such as VHI, with professional organisations such as the Irish Nurses Organisation, and with personnel working in the maternity services.
  • The newsletter is a quarterly publication giving updates on developments with the Health Boards, midwives information, birth accounts, childbirth related events and more.

In addition, more recent concerns include:

  • The provision of information for use in schools and to give talks, workshops in schools, women’s groups, ante-natal classes.
  • Supporting the campaign for lower insurance for GPs willing to attend home births.
  • Giving information to persons wishing to practice domiciliary midwifery, supporting the establishment of domiciliary midwife group practices and the Midwives Association of Ireland.
  • Supporting the introduction of “Domino” schemes as in the UK.
  • Lobbying for changes in midwifery training
  • Campaigning for the reintroduction of the “Flying squad” to provide midwives with emergency backup.