The Home Birth Association of Ireland, welcomes the statement made by
Minister for Health, Dr James Reilly that more women in Ireland should
be offered the chance to birth at home. While the numbers of women who
have home births in Ireland is still quite low, the numbers of women
seeking to have home births is growing every year. Based on the
queries accrued by the Home Birth Association it is estimated that for
every mother who births at home a further 10 would like to, but have
not the option to do so.
The Home Birth Association also welcomes any change in policy that
would further promote Home Birth as a safe birthing option for low
risk mothers but urges that the policy should be mother and baby
centred and each mother should be assessed on a case by case basis.
Dr Krysia Lynch, Coordinator of the Home Birth Association speaking
today said, 'the research shows that midwifery led care, whether at
home or at hospital is a safe model of care with excellent outcomes
and greater satisfaction rates for mother and baby. A midwife at the
recent International Conference on Human Rights and Childbirth summed
it up, when she said 'it is a fundamental human right for women to
choose the circumstances in which they give birth, with whom and
where, including a choice between hospital and home birth'.