At first I didn’t really believe it had finally started. Even though he is my 6th baby my waters had never gone before my contractions started. I got up to go to the loo after a nice lay-in and realised I was trickling, damn, if my pelvic floor is this bad now I would be stuffed after!! It didn’t take me long to realise that it looked like things were finally on the move and my waters had gone!!! (On my due date too!!!!)

After contacting my midwife to let her know, I got my hubby up and suggested that we do the shopping. We trotted off to the shops, did the weekly shop, filled both cars up with petrol and went back home. I was getting a few little contractions at this point but nothing to write home about. So in my moment of madness I decided to mow the back lawn. Now, when I say ‘madness’, looking back it really was. Our house is on an acre of land and the back garden is huge, at one point I had to go back indoors to change my trousers as my waters were leaking so much!! I was still mowing the grass when it got dark around 6.30ish!

I decided to watch a little telly, nothing exciting was really happening and about 9.30 after a bath I was bored and went to bed. From about 10.30 onwards the contractions were getting much stronger but about 15mins apart. I tried to sleep, advised hubby to do the same. By about 2am they were 9mins apart but not that strong, however my back was killing me. Within the next 40mins, though, they were 3-4mins apart. I thought we had best call the midwife as she had a 45min drive to us. I realised at this point that I needed to complete some files for work (!!!madness) which I did between contractions waiting for the midwife!

The midwife arrived about 4am and my contractions were getting more painful although not unbearable at this point. I was examined at about 4.30 and was found to be about 4cm, which I was really disappointed about! My eldest daughter ran me a bath and stayed with me whilst hubby chatted and drank tea with the midwife. Gradually my other 2 girls woke up, the 2nd midwife arrived and I began telling everyone to ‘get him out’.

At this point I got really loud, I kept apologising….lol and saying I was NEVER doing this again! Around 6.30 I was ready to push but the baby was back to back, he wasn’t descending and I was getting stressed. Somehow my youngest had slept through all the commotion but in all the insanity I got one of my daughters to wake him. The 2nd midwife was just going to get the gas and air, something I had never needed with the other 5, when all of a sudden he descended. THANK GOD.

This when I started baa’ing like a sheep, something my 7 yo son is never going to let me forget – I think the whole of our village has been told! Thankfully Jamie was born at 6.50am, my 3 girls (aged 14, 13 & 11) and my 7 yo son were all there despite having voiced some reservations earlier. The end was so quick but welcomed. He was delivered straight into my arms and the cord was cut by my eldest 2 daughters after it stopped pulsating, the placenta was delivered naturally about 25mins later.

It was a wonderful experience and although harder than Michaels birth ( and he was 9lb6oz) it was much more fulfilling. There was no pressure on time, my midwife allowed me to do whatever I felt was necessary. Whilst at the time I said ‘Never again’, I can see me getting broody again. If I can hold out another 7 years maybe I will get grandchildren!! (My eldest, who wasn’t at the birth, will be 23 by then!)

Anyway I hope this isn’t too long and encourages anyone contemplating a home birth!

Love Theresa